LR Designs, LLC is a boutique interior design firm based in Los Angeles, CA. Founded by Leslie Ross, LR Designs specializes in residential interiors. Although a native of Providence, RI, Leslie has called Los Angeles home since 2008.  Clients come to LR Designs from across the United States because Leslie is known for her great eye for style, sophisticated taste, and timeless design. She mixes old with new, traditional with modern, and rustic with glamour. Whether the project is new construction, a remodel, or purely decorative, Leslie’s designs can adapt to diverse needs and she is able to create spaces that are unique, captivating, comfortable, and functional.

Before starting LR Designs, Leslie graduated from The George Washington University with both a B.A and an MBA and later spent several years working in real estate, both in Washington D.C. and LA. While working for developers, a private equity firm, and several large real estate agencies on both coasts, she was exposed to a wide variety of design styles and worked alongside some of the country’s most well-known architects, designers, and builders. Leslie’s keen insights into design and floor plans were frequently noted by colleagues and clients. As a real estate agent, she was often asked to stay on projects during renovations because her clients loved her design ideas, in particular her ability to visualize optimal layouts and focus a budget on the most impactful areas. Leslie’s passion for design and the increasing amount of time she spent on these consulting assignments inspired her to make the transition to design full-time.

Leslie’s unique and diverse background injects an owner’s mentality and a strong business sense into her design process. She is always cognizant of her clients’ investment and approaches every project with an eye for both quality and value.